Becoming A Man Never Looked So Good

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Every once in awhile I like to spice things up by watching naked male teen cams. There’s just something about guys around the age of 18-21 that I find hypnotic. It’s a strange time in a man’s life with all of the hormones and what not. Their bodies are at their peaks and get me rock hard with just a glance.

The intensity that some of the guys go to in their videos is so erotic, I end up blowing my load a couple times. There’s never a shortage of hot guys that are just beating off as well. A lot of time I enjoy that so it’s like I’m not going at it alone, ya know.

Some of these guys are straight and just get off on jacking off to an audience. It’s hard to tell if it ever even crossed their minds that there are guys getting off to them. But I like to think that they are very well aware and it adds to the excitement for them.