On The Hunt For Beefcakes

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I came across this interesting site the other night and I’ve been sort of hooked on it since. The producers go out looking for hot straight guys that they can convince to explore their other side for the right price. I enjoy gay porn in the first place but this seems to take it a step further.

You can watch guys who are a bit apprehensive come out of their shells as they are being pursued by another guy who wants to do unspeakable sexy things. They make out in such a sensual way that makes you want them to do more and more. If this is the kind of thing that turns you on you should get a 54% off discount to Beekcake Hunter and enjoy all the taboo things you like at a deeply discounted price. 

Some guys agree to only masturbate in front of the camera and other guys agree to get a blowjob from a sexy hunk only to realize how good it is and that they want to explore so much more. Regardless of how it starts it always ends up with loads of cum being shot all over each other.